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Dean, I don't understand how the magic box works.
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Dean: Supernatural is filming about two blocks away from my house right now

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Dean: *wipes metaphorical dust off blog*

Meg: About time you came back, I was going to take my departure. 

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signing off

Crowly: well seeing as no one seems to care for this old king and as I have lost nearly all interest in spn I am officially leaving this blog. And so I wish ye all well and give the best to you all.


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Bobby: So the other night I re-watched supernatural 2.17 (the episode with Madison the werewolf). uh..


My last ex’s name was Kurt Mueller too




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Meg: I finally come back home from exams.. and.. holidays… nobody is here.. it’s like a ghost town.. did I miss the apocalypse? I’m very concerned..

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Anonymous whispered: Soft Sammy, warm Sammy, little ball of moose, happy Sammy, sad Sammy, be my vessel please.

Sam: No. I have been an angel’s vessel for long enough.

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Anonymous whispered: Merry Christmas guys!! :)

Sam: Thank you! Merry Christmas to all you people as well! 

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Anonymous whispered: Dear sir Gabriel. What is your face? You can be my Dr Sexy any day. Love, Anon. (Who is in love with your face) PS. Can Sam join? Plz?

Gabriel: Well anon, the lovely face belongs to my vessel, which obviously I did a wonderful job choosing, and as for Sam joining us, don’t worry, I will make sure he will.


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Anonymous whispered: DEANEEEEEE WINNEEEEEE


Dean: Dude say what?

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Anonymous whispered: Joanna.... Beth...

Jo: Hey! Only my mom can call me that!

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